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Quality and Error-free Translation Services in Mumbai.

Everybody wants to learn English today to compete globally but, do you know? There are 195 countries with 7.3 billion of total population. 1.6 billion People speak English worldwide it means approx. 22% of population speaks English and 78% of population speaks other languages. When talking about immigration, Globalization and the mixing of culture effective communication plays a pivotal role in keeping the sustainability, integrity and growth of any small or large business organization. Translation doesn’t means just getting a text, context, word, phrase or strings translated but it is more related about translating sense, and understanding within the cultural boundaries of the target country. We at Writing base is a one point stop for all your translation requirements and business solutions.

Translation and quality process: 

1. Analyzing client’s needs and understand the purpose of the translation. 2. Quote submission with the best possible standard rates and getting approval. 3. Our Language lean and engineering team prepares terminology and glossaries and any other references to be used throughout the document in order to maintain consistency and accuracy. 4. Proofreading is a quality check process performed by another professional Reviewer to check or detect any mistakes in spellings, punctuation or grammar. 5. Another internal Quality check is conducted by language leads to check if terminology is followed throughout the document translation or not. 6. ICR (Inter country review conducted by client’s internal reviewer team) A DRAFT copy sent to the client for final check for ensuring full satisfaction. 7. Final formatting of the document and DTP to give final touch to the document.

Areas of expertise and the document we translate.

- Areas of Expertise - Accounting, E-Learning, Entertainment, Food Processing, Healthcare, Import & Export, Information Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Market Research, Medical Tourism, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Shipping, Travel & Tourism.

- Types of contents - Agreements, Bank Statements, Birth - Death - Marriage Certificates, Brochures, Contracts, Engineering Drawings, Flyers, Mergers & Acquisitions, Patents, PowerPoint Presentations, School Certificates, Technical documents, VISA Forms.

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