People in different markets have different way of thinking, different work practice, different culture and belief. Localization helps bring people with different aspects together and without misunderstanding accept ideas, beliefs and business from all over the world. Localization plays a vital role in getting your content (Website, software, application, Games) in front of your target market, regardless of their language and culture.

In the case of Website and Software localization when you think of getting your website content translated or your software content translated in different languages then you have to think that you are also getting it translated for search engines. There are SEO norms which are same for every country irrespective to their companies, websites and working practice. Writing base helps in localizing the product in the target language by getting translated the content that plays well with search engines in every language, without being clumsy or difficult to read. Any website can only be effective with the help of localization.

When we talk about marketing and advertising of a product in international market so one should have proper knowledge about the target audience, their taste, belief and culture followed. Without a proper research effective marketing cannot be possible. Our team of professional project managers and language leads design the selection process in such a way which fetch us best technical professional translators with more than 10 years of experience.

Website localization is translating the content and making it available, accessible and suitable for target people. Almost 35% of total internet users are non-English speaking peoples so catching these 35% of internet users is equally important in the business than using localization service. Translation layout and formatting is very important in localization process, Right to left, top to bottom and which pages should be available are important considerations when localizing the website.

I had my father-in-law's immigration documents translated here. The translation was of excellent quality. We will recommend Writing-Base to everybody who needs translation.
Hemal Patel
Hemal PatelAambee
Writing Base offers the best rate and service in the area. If you are looking for somebody reliable and reasonably priced, then do not hesitate to go to them!
Jason Bolt
Jason BoltAambee Ltd
I am incredibly happy with the service I received, and would order again any time.
Cory Anderson
Cory AndersonAambeeLtd

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