Audio Transcriptions

Writing base provides transcription service in major Asian and European languages. We offer transcription services of your audio files from any language to any language. We can work on any file files types such as Audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, MP3, etc. We have years of experience in providing transcription services successfully to biggest companies. This service can be used for legal, technical, medical, marketing and literature

Transcription is a process of listening the recorded oral/verbal material and transform and present it in written form on the paper. It is one of the most effective idea to sort problem of online traffic on personal or corporate websites created by audio files. There are some audio materials which can be accessed only with the help of required applications or technological devices which creates problem so with the help of transcription and by making those information/contents available in printed or text form can increase the number of potential users and audience.

Audio transcription is traditional method followed for preserving the important audio materials and earlier transcribers has to be present on the occasion and use to write down the sayings. But now since recording system is introduced transcription process has changed dramatically. A transcriber can transcript from anywhere in the world with the help of recordings.

Transcription services can be used for following purpose;

  1. Various interviews, business meetings and Seminars
  2. Conferences and telephone call recordings
  3. Radio shows
  4. Recorded lectures and personal conversations
  5. Recorded court proceedings
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